Payment Platform


ICG entered several markets by providing smart POS with Android system. It attracts merchants by supporting payment and non-payment scenario at the same time and bring more value to the merchants.

ICG provides all-in-one payment solutions including Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, AE, JCB, WeChat Pay, AliPay and some crypto currencies like BitCoin etc.

ICG offers extra functionalities such like E-commerce APPs, CRM or ERP APPs on the smart POS.

ICG invested this field from the very beginning and now we are the global strategic partner of POS hardware vendors such like LANDI and PAX. (LANDI is 100% owned by INGENICO, world number one POS vendor and PAX is the world top 3 POS vendor.

All in one payment

The most advanced PAX smart POS with flexible payment term, i.e. monthly maintenance fee only to avoid upfront investment, which significantly lower the POS hardware investment cost.

  • Online and Offline Acquiring system which support Visa, MasterCard, America Express, UnionPay, JCB, Discover WeChat Pay, AliPay etc.
  • Prepaid card system for transportation industry, gift card, close-loop store value system etc.
  • Latest Smart POS system which could support all-in-one payment including crypto currency and biometric authentication.
  • Third party payment processor system which support POS transaction, Web transaction, Mobile transaction, System setup & Management, Operation & Processing etc.
  • Public or Private Cloud based hosted server and backend infrastructure.

Mobile Wallet

This multi-currency platform uses the same technology from WeChat Pay wallet to support below functions.

  • Load Wallet
  • Wallet to Wallet Funds Transfer
  • Cash In / Cash Out
  • Face-to-face Merchant Payments
  • Request Funds
  • Coupons
  • Tickets (Movie, Bus, Airline, Events)
  • Online Wallet Marketplace
  • Referral Program
  • Rewards (Reward Points)
  • Credit & Debit Card Integration
  • Interoperable (wallet)
  • Money Transfer
Name: X-Smart Platform
Date July 2013
Useful For Forecast possibility of events